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Halal + IsVen

What is Halal?

An Arabic word, ‘Halal’ means lawful or permitted. In reference to food, it is the dietary standard as prescribed in the Qur’an (the Holy Scripture in Islam).


UNGSII Ambassador and Advisor Saeeda Ahmad further explains ‘Halal’ as “a whole ecosystem of ethical values that are common to businesses and societies. It’s making sure you eat healthy, clean, non-toxic products, and that you are not having a lifestyle that is going to harm you. The Halal economy is meant to be value-based. It’s making sure you respect everything around you: the environment, animal welfare, sustainability, workers & suppliers rights, etc. It has many different facets and opportunities.”


So, while Halal is commonly known as a dietary requirement for Muslims, it is also an inclusive concept that is intended to benefit people from other walks of life as well, not just Muslims. In short, going Halal is a win-win for all.

Why team up with IsVen?

While it is possible to work towards a Halal Certificate for your business without the involvement of a third party to act as an advisor or consultant, it is definitely the wiser approach to do it with the help of a professional group that has a deep understanding of the fundamental legal and technical aspects involved—and that has solid connections within the industry—to boost your confidence and chances for success.


Using a sustainable framework for Halal certification practices and standards that are recognised by the global Halal F&B industry, we guide your business’s Halal development by identifying gaps, pain points or shortcomings specific to your business, and following it up with practical recommendations.


On top of helping you to achieve a Halal Certificate, we also offer additional services to help you market and advertise your establishment or products post-certification. This removes the hassle of having to source for other agencies who must not only be au fait with the right channels and platforms to reach your target audience, but who must also know the effective way to communicate with them in order to build awareness and to drive action.

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