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About Us

At IsVen Holding Pte Ltd, we are your trusted partner in unlocking the vast opportunities of the global Halal market.


With our team of experienced Halal advisors, we provide personalised guidance to help you obtain and maintain Halal certifications smoothly. We walk with you through every step of the Halal certification process and ensure your brand complies with global Halal standards.

As your marketing advisor, we develop customised strategies to effectively present your Halal-certified products to Muslim consumers worldwide.


Beyond certifications, we also offer you a comprehensive suite of solutions as your bridge into the thriving Halal economy. From channels marketing to Islamic financing, our diverse network connects you to new markets and consumers.


In addition, we empower you to introduce your products confidently through established channels, forge new partnerships, and expand your business internationally.


At IsVen, our passion is helping you realise the full potential of going Halal. We enable your sustainable growth on the foundations of quality, trust and faith. Partner with us to successfully enter and thrive in the global Halal marketplace.

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