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Meet Our Principals



General Manager

A deeply experienced Halal supply chain specialist, Zuraimi has spent over 15 years in the Halal space, having first undergone training and work in the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). Since then, he has led more than 700 companies on their momentous journey to achieve and maintain Halal certification and compliance in both local and global Halal markets. His deep affiliation with Muslim organisations, such as the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), as well as extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the Halal industry, has enabled Zuraimi to help businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Middle East and Croatia. Zuraimi’s latest accomplishment includes helping Dream Cruises achieve the status of the “first Halal-friendly cruise liner in Asia”, back in December 2020.



Director of Marketing

Having spent more than 24 years in the broadcast media industry, Adi is no stranger to marketing, advertising, branding and creative content production. As a creative producer, he has marketed over 200 brands and produced over 1,000 commercials for radio, TV and digital platforms. In addition to his long-running stint in radio, he also runs his own entertainment and marketing enterprise that has allowed him to grow as a household name in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. He also has an enviable network across the region with fellow celebrities whom he has brought to Genting’s Dream Cruises and other cruise lines. He has also produced several programs for mainstream, digital and social media platforms specifically for businesses in the Halal F&B sector.

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